We have an off-site Compounding lab at our southern sister pharmacy, Windang Pharmacy & Compounding Centre

We offer our Compounding services to the Northern and Southern suburbs of the Illawarra. 

Our team of Pharmacists are led by Mr Alaan Hadaya (Compounding Pharmacist), Illawarra's leading compounding specialist for the last 10 years.  

Collect your medication from EITHER STORE. 

Our pharmacist is available for discussion and will contact all customers regarding their personalised medication, and a payment call will be made by staff at Windang Pharmacy. 

We are able to compound medications that are out of stock, in different strengths and flavours. We also specialise in Veterinary compounding. 

Orders submitted on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be ready for Tuesday morning collection. 

Orders submitted on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will be ready for Thursday morning collection. 

For Urgent Compounding Prescriptions, please contact the Windang Pharmacy, on 4295 1901.

What is a compounding pharmacy?

The term compounding in pharmacy means altering, mixing or combining the dose and ingredients to create personalised medication to tailor to the needs of an individual. And compounding pharmacy is where this magic happens. Our pharmacists formulate it and our team of highly trained compounders will create individualised medication for you. It is also called unlicensed medication as a result of being specifically made for a one patient.

Who needs compounding services?

Every person is unique, thus not all medicine fits all. Some may have allergies to a specific component, some prefer the medicine in a different dosage form. If you’re having difficulties with your current medicine, speak to your doctor or a compounding pharmacist who can prescribe you a personalised medication.

We offer an enhanced health service by making more options available to patients. Whether the patient needs a vegan alternative, or alternation to ingredients due to religious beliefs, our pharmacists will put the patients first with the tailored approach.


Compounding pharmacy offers personalised medicine.
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