What is Typhoid 

Typhoid is a life-threatening disease caused by Salmonella bacteria. It is generally a travel-related disease, spread by sewage contaminated water or food. It is common in countries with poor sanitation and limited access to clean water. 



Symptoms vary but commonly include: 

  • low-grade fever that increases 
  • dull frontal headache 
  • muscle ache and pain 
  • anorexia 
  • dry cough 
  • constipation (more typically diarrhoea in young children) 
  • tender abdomen, enlarged liver or spleen  



Antibiotics prescribed by your doctor are used to treat Typhoid fever. Mainting hydration by drinking plenty of water or oral rehydration drinks (e.g. Gastrolyte or Hydrolyte) is also important. Untreated typhoid and paratyphoid fever can be life-threatening. 



Vaccination is the best protectection gainst Typhoid. 

Other ways to prevent infection when travelling include: 

  • eating only cooked, boiled or peeled food
  • drinking only bottled or purified water, and avoiding ice in cold drinks 
  • avoiding raw food, cold seafood and meat, salads and unpasteurised dairy products
  • regularly washing your hands with soap (or hand sanitiser) 


Typhoid Vaccination 

The vaccination is avaiable as a single injection, or as 3-4 oral doses. This is a live vaccine, so it is not recommended for immunocompromised individuals. 

You should consult your doctor or visit a travel health clinic at least 6 and preferably 12 weeks before you leave Australia. 

Can I get the vaccination if I'm pregnant? The vaccine is not routinely recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. However, if necessary, they should get the injection rather than the oral vaccine. 

Is it recommended that I get the vaccine? The Australian Immunisation Handbook recommends the typhoid vaccine for:

  • Children aged two or older who are travelling to typhoid endemic regions 
  • Adults who are travelling to typhoid endemic regions 


Adverse Effects of Vaccination 

Both types of Typhoid vaccines are associated with very few side effects. These may include: 

  • pain, redness and swelling at the injection side
  • diarrhoea or stomach discomfort
  • nausea and vomiting 
  • rashes 








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