E-Scripts: The Future of Pharmacy

Electronic prescriptions, also known as E-scripts, are an alternative to paper prescriptions. 

e-Script: An e-Script holds all the information a regular paper script would, but in a simple token. E-Scripts make it easier for you to access your medication whenever and wherever, under any circumstances. 

Active Script list: A “Active Script list” is a digital wallet containing your scripts that you can access directly from your phone. Once your doctor prescribes you an e-Script, it is automatically added to your “Active Script List”, which we can see, and other pharmacies can also see. This means you can never lose a script!

Who are e-Scripts useful for? Everyone!

For you, the patient: 

  • Escripts offer convenient and timely access to medicines and remove all the hassle that comes with paper prescriptions.
  • You won’t have to worry about losing a script ever again. 
  • They are contactfree, making it safer for everyone. Without multiple hands touching paper, there is less risk of spread of infectious diseases such as influenza and Covid-19. 
  • In some cases, if you did not physically attend a doctor’s surgery, the eScript can be sent to us, and the medication will be delivered to your door. 
  • If you visit multiple pharmacies or doctors, eScripts will be a life-saver! All your pharmacies and/or doctors can see your medication history, eliminating any confusion of miscommunications.


Order scripts online: 

Bellambi Drive Thru pharmacy offers delivery service, so you can order scripts online and other health-care needs and get it delivered to your doorstep. Ordering scripts online has never been easier.


For doctors: 

  • Your doctor will be able to easily see when you’re running out of medication(s) and will know when to prescribe you again. 

  • We know how busy doctors are! e-Scripts mean less time wasted on data collection, more efficient spread of resources and more predictable workflow. 

  • Because your doctor/s can see your eScripts in your Active Script List, they can see your mediations, allowing for accurate patient histories to be accounted for when making a clinical decision. 


For us, the pharmacy: 

  • Have you ever tried to read a doctors' handwriting? escripts mean our pharmacists don’t have to spend time decoding it! e-Scripts increase accuracy and reduce the time taken to manually enter data that comes with prescriptions. Less data entry means your pharmacist can dispense your script faster and spend more time talking with you.


For the environment: 

  • As a paperless alternative, eScripts are also much more eco-friendly! 


Paper prescriptions are still available if you choose, however, an electronic prescription allows you to have total control of your health and prescriptions in the palm of your hand. 

Contact your local GP to find out if they offer e-Scripts! 

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