MedAdvisor is a FREE app that you can access on your smartphone or computer. It allows you to organise and order all your prescriptions and healthcare needs. You can then collect your order from our Pharmacy, at your own convenience.

The following video explains it in more detail:

MedAdvisor Get Started

With the MedAdvisor app 

  • Live updated list of your scripts and when they expire 
  • Notifications of when you need to see your doctor for a new prescription 
  • Reminders to take your medicines on time 
  • Order prescriptions from your phone so they’re ready to collect – no waiting!
  • Automatic reminders to fill scripts 
  • Do you manage medications for a loved one? Activate CARER MODE: Manage medication of other family members from your own phone 


Sign Up

We can quickly get you live with MedAdvisor instore, by simply using your mobile number to send you a link to download the app or download the app RIGHT NOW  using one of the links below. 

Click on the links below or connect directly to the app in store by clicking on the logo

Support / Contact

If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact our friendly team below!

Bellambi Drive Thru Pharmacy

Come visit Bellambi Drive Thru Pharmacy! We have made social distancing possible with our Drive Thru Service. A contactless and convenient way to order and collect all your health-care needs. You can pre-order using our website or the MedAdvisor App. This way your order is ready for you to collect. Try it out!